1. Zoom In

    Click on this button to zoom in to an area of the city.

  2. Zoom Out

    Click on this button to zoom out of an area of the city.

  3. Home

    Click on this button to zoom extent to the city limits.

  4. Print

    Click on this button to print the current zoom extent of the map area.

  5. Measure

    Click on this button to find distance between two points. The default distance unit is Feet.

  6. Share

    Click on this button to connect to city’s social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

  7. Street View

    Click on the Street View button and drag it on the desired street to activate the street view functionality. Zoom closer to the area for better geographic accuracy of the street view functionality.

  8. Buffer Tool

    This tool allows you to select parcels within a desired buffer distance from the point of selection. The point selection can be made by drawing a line, polygon, point or selecting individual parcels.

  9. Land Bank Tool

    This is an address locator tool. It allows to upload excel spreadsheet with address and the tool will return the exact geographic location of the addresses on the map. The tool requires having a “Address” column name. Click on X to clear the selection.

  10. Back

    Go back to enCodePlus.

  11. Search

    Search for address or parcels.

  12. Zone

    Search for Zoning Districts

  13. Land Use

    Land Use details for landuse lookup.

  14. Full Screen

    View map at full screen.

  15. Feedback

    Send feedback for technical support.

  16. Legend

    View data layers. You can turn on/off the layers by double clicking on the layer name.

  17. Basemaps

    Switch basemap to view your operational layers on a reference map.